About Us


Enable Cycles is part of the Ability Ireland Healthcare Ltd, which has many years of experience supplying medical equipment to the Health Service in Ireland.

A large part of our business is supplying Adapted Therapy Tricycles in Ireland, to both children and adults with disabilities. 

Our Adapted Therapy Tricycles enable children and adults with many different levels of physical and cognitive ability, to participate in all ability cycling alongside their peers, promoting fitness, fun, and inclusion.


Our Adapted Therapy Tricycles are modified in Ireland, and can be fitted with;

  • Backrests, headrests, laterals, body harnesses
  • Adapted foot pedals with toe straps, and/or AFO supports.
  • Switchable hubs, allowing freewheel or a fixed wheel drive
  • Carer control rear steer handle 


Give us a call on 048-91898461, or contact us to discuss your individual requirements, we'll be happy to find the right tricycle for you.