Andros 36V assisted motor

Andros 36V assisted motor

Brand : Draisin

Price : € 2,250.00€ 1,995.00


Perfect to convert your Andros Wheelchair bike into a motorized version, allowing cycling up and down hills with ease.


Especially good if the wheelchair user is heavier than the person pedalling. 

Color :

Size :

Kit includes

36V / 500W brushless hub motor, a 26’’ rear wheel,  1 electric controller 

Wheel size: 66cm/26"(Contains the total diameter of the tire)
Speed: 25KPH top speed
Motor diameter: 9.6” (245mm)
Motor specifications: 36V / 500W / 300rpm

Package List:
1x 26" rear wheel with 1x 500W 36V brushless hub motor
1x Electric controller
1x Twist throttle with battery power indicator
1x Handlebar grips
1x Rubber connecting harness 
1x Power assistance sensor



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