Adult Comfort Crutch

Adult Comfort Crutch

Brand : Ossenberg

Price : € 55.00€ 49.00


Our Comfort Grip Anatomical Crutch offers super comfort with outstanding reliability, and is made from to the highest German standards.


With double adjustment features, the crutch is very adaptable; the height of the handle can be adjusted indepentently from that of the handle to cuff adjustment. This helps to deliver a tailored feel for maximum user comfort.


Strong and durable, these lightweight, an easy to use crutch, coloured in anti-rusting powder coating, to deliver many happy years of use.


Thanks to the closed cuff, you can let go of the crutch, leaving your hands free, for drinking a coffee or checking your mobile phone. 

The Comfort Grip Anatomical Crutch is sold indvidually to allow for the user to select either left or right hand use. 

Color :

Size :


Suitable for long-term crutch users, its anatomically shaped Comfort Soft Grip will provide great user comfort and well-being. 


Lightweight and easy to use, it is equipped with 13 lower and 3 upper clip settings allowing for easy adjustment.





High-quality walking aid made of aluminum that can be loaded up to a body weight of 150 kg.


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