Beach Wheelchair


Visiting the beach in a wheelchair is very difficult. The narrow tires of a normal wheelchair sink in the sand and it makes it very difficult to push yourself or be pushed, but with a beach wheelchair from Enable Cycles Ireland, you will experience all the fun of a visit to the beach

Wheelchair users understand how expensive their daily chairs cost. Using a road chair over bumpy terrain while getting sand everywhere may lead to expensive repairs. If you plan to visit the beach, then you should choose the wheelchairs that are made for the beaches. Our all-terrain beach wheelchair empowers you and your loved ones to experience all the joys of the beach without the impediments of a traditional wheelchair.

Why Choose Our Products?

Our Beach wheelchair will help you to cross the sand easily. The tires work as suspension for the rider and it allows the person pushing to easily roll over bumps along the way. We also have a swimming pool wheelchair. With the large tires, it allows you to cross the sand and also keeps the chair buoyant in the water.