Elise Pushchair

Elise Pushchair (SN)

Price : € 305.00€ 295.00



The Elise Pushchair is designed specially for the older/larger child who is not able to walk or not able to walk far enough.

The pushchair covers an age range from say 2 years to 8 years, although suitability is more about size rather than age. 


The pushchair has a relatively small 'footprint' making it more suitable around Irish towns, inside shops or School.

Strong well made aluminium frame, sturdy but still reasonably lightweight. It is tested for a child up to 50kg



Color :

Size :


The pushchair has a One Year Frame Warranty but do be aware that this only covers defects of manufacture not 'wear and tear' - both the warranty and the safe working load may be significantly reduced if the child is not a co-operative occupant.




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