The therapy bench is an ideal platform for different kinds of activities like sitting and balance therapy, dynamic sitting balance, and sitting posture improvement. The possibility for therapists to sit with a child on a bench provides support if needed. Our company, Enable Cycles, Ireland provides our customers with the best therapy benches used by physiotherapists all around the country.

Balance and stretching when using a flat top, core stretches and strengthening using half round cushions on or off the bench, ease of movement of the products due to the design, height adjusts which are easy and simple to get and use, knee blocks which are used to control legs and also to create abduction or adduction, support accessory pack providing pelvic support for a stable seating position.

Why Choose Our Products?

Both the height and the size of our benches are adjustable with secure locking legs. The upholstery is a water repellent, easy-clean, and fire retardant vinyl that contains an antimicrobial agent that helps with infection control in a multi-user environment.

Therefore buy therapy benches online from our company today.