Children Tricycles


Enable Cycles based in Ireland supply three-wheeled trikes for children of all abilities. Our tricycles have three wheels with a host of innovative design features to meet a wide variety of disabilities.

Our trikes provide greater functionality and stability, enabling riders of all ages to experience the thrill of bike riding.

Don't let a physical limitation stop your child from enjoying a bike ride with friendsOur children's adaptive tricycles are enjoyed by many children who live with cognitive or physical impairments like arthritis, muscular dystrophy, amputations, cerebral palsy. With amazing strides being made in today's world of adaptive technology, the special needs trikes of Enable Cycles Ireland provide safe cycling for a large number of children


Benefits of a Child's Tricycle With Backrest

1. Important for Mental And Physical Health

Exercising is important for your health. This is why you should give your child trikes that will keep them active.

2. Healthy Body

Trike riding helps your body to develop physically with bone growth, strengthening of anti-gravity muscles, and much more.

Therefore choose EnableCycles Ireland and get your special needs tricycle today.