Trigo Up Tricycle

Trigo Up

Brand : Hasebike

Price : € 2,595.00€ 2,495.00


The TRIGO UP is designed for the young at heart.

It uses the comfort and safety of a recumbent trike with the natural handling of an above-seat steering trike. With the TRIGO UP, you'll always have a comfortable seat to unwind in the most delightful location, for instance, a picnic break during a long bicycle trip. Joyful! 

Adjusting the trike is Easy! The frame components move along rails and are easily adjustable, this way the TRIGO UP can be adjusted to any rider between 4'7" (140cm) and 6'7" (200cm) in height. 

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The price shown, is for the base model, which includes single grip handlebars, and the plain seat. If you require additional supports, i.e 5 point harness, footplates, rear steer, electric motor, they can be all be purchased separately from the accessories section. Delivery time is around 2 weeks.



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To change the length of the trike is easy; simply open the quick-release lever and slide the seat into the required sitting position. No tools are required to adjust the trike length and no shortening or lengthening of the chain! Likewise, adjustment of the seat height and tilt position of the handlebars is done in seconds!




The TRIGO UP can also be retrofitted with a Shimano Step 36V electric mid-motor. The extremely quiet and efficient motor can be mounted – and also removed – in a few simple steps.

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