Kitten (2-5 years) - Children Tricycles

Kitten (ages 2-5 years)

Brand : Quest88

Price : € 1,595.00€ 1,495.00


The Kitten is a fixed-wheel drive tricycle. Simply put, this means that when the pedals rotate, the drive wheel rotates and vice versa. This creates added momentum which assists with the pedalling, which is beneficial to children with low muscle tone.

The tricycle gives the rider the ability to maintain a good posture and an efficient pedaling action.

Quest 88 tricycles can be separated into 3 parts for easy storage and transportation.


The price shown, is for the base model, which includes singlegrip handle bars, and a plain saddle. If you require additional supports, i.e back support, footplates, rearsteer, they can be purchased seperately from the accessories section. Delivery time is 4 weeks.




Color :

Size :

Switchable Hub option allows advancement onto freewheel when the child has the strength, or simply use the function to push your child when they are tired, and don't want to pedal.


The Kitten Tricycle has a full 5-year warranty


The Kitten can be fitted with a variety of accessories to support the body, head and feet. These include: hip and thoracic supports, footplates (sandals), ankle foot orthoses, chest pad, steering solutions, various handlebar styles and head supports.


How to set up your trike 



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