Colt tricycle

Colt (ages 4-7 years)

Brand : Quest88

Price : € 1,595.00€ 1,550.00

The Colt tricycle is suitable for children from the age of 4 to approximately 7 years. The tricycle provides symmetrical exercise from an early age and is ideal for pre/post surgery rehabilitation and development.


The tricycle is a fixed wheel drive tricycle, meaning that as the pedals rotate the drive wheel rotates and vice versa. This creates added momentum which in turn assist with pedalling and is beneficial to children with low muscle tone. An ideal tricycle for children with Hypotonia, Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia). The Switchable Hub option allows your child to advance onto freewheel when they have the strength, or simply use the function to push your child when tired.


The Colt tricycle design, gives the rider the ability to maintain a good posture and an efficient pedalling action.

The tricycle can be separated into three parts for easy storage and transportation.



The price shown, is for the base model, which includes singlegrip handle bars, and a plain saddle. If you require additional supports, i.e back support, footplates, rearsteer, they can be purchased seperately from the accessories section. Delivery time is 4 weeks.


Color :

Size :

  • A simple design, but with all the optional support you need
  • Posture Management Frame Geometry - the best riding position guaranteed. No slumping or slipping.
  • Heavier, more stable frame with low threshold
  • Independent rear wheel drive make cornering safer.
  • Meaningful pedalling resistance to promote physical development and longer attention span.
  • Symmetry control - Midline control and better alignment of legs and feet.
  • Intuitive and reliable rear steer option for parents and carers.
  • Pedalling and Steering opt-out for tired legs and hands.
  • Fully enclosed chainguard. No wheel spokes means no finger traps!

Optional accessories include hip and thoracic supports, footplate (sandals), ankle foot orthoses, chest pad, steering solutions, various handlebar styles and head pad.

The maximum weight limit for the Colt is 45Kg. The tricycle in its basic form weighs 25Kg (10kg front end, 15kg rear). 

Available in several colours, and can be accessorised with our fun range of wheel discs.


How to set up your trike 

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