Choosing Your Trike


Afraid of bikes?


It is a fact that we all have different needs when it comes to riding a bike. It is very common to be afraid of falling down the bike, make mistakes when riding it or be insecure around other vehicles and pedestrians.


People with disabilities or those who are aged can also have special mobility needs which do not allow them to ride a regular bicycle or might have never learned to ride. However, these are very common circumstances and should not be an obstacle. With our tricycles, you will be able to ride again [or to start riding]!


3 wheel bicycles for children and adults, will help you face this common and unavoidable fear. There are many obstacles in a city or outside of it, but thanks to the double front wheel, you will be able to control the width of the tricycle and avoid knocking obstacles you may encounter.


If you cannot ride a bike for any reason, do not worry anymore, it is not over, you can still ride an amazing tricycle!