Tandem Trike

CoPilot Tandem Trike

Price : € 5,435.00€ 5,295.00


A stable tandem riding experience and is suitable for people of all abilities who want to cycle together. 

Excellent addition to any cycling initiative. It enables the rider at the rear to control the tricycle whilst allowing the front rider to develop their pedaling technique and grow in confidence.

The saddles and the handlebars can be adjusted over time as the rider grows. 



Color :

Size :

  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • adjustable saddles and handlebars to allow for growth
  • Disc brakes



The front section can be accessorized with a body supports, footplates and calf supports.

The front rider age range is 4 years to Adult. The Tandem has a 7 speed hub gear.


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