Andros Wheelchair trike

Andros Wheelchair trike

Brand : Draisin

Price : € 7,995.00€ 7,595.00


The Andros Wheelchair bike is reliable and comfortable transport bike for almost all wheelchair types and sizes.


The great advantages of this Andros wheelchair bike are the time-saved transferring the user from their own wheelchairs. The wheelchair user stays in their own chair and can sit safely and comfortably in their seat. 


The price shown is for the manual version. An Electric Motor can be retrofitted for an additional cost.


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Size :


The ANDROS wheelchair bike allows you to transport wheelchair users independently. It also makes you more mobile with your own wheelchair by increasing your range. 

Suitable for all standard manual wheelchairs.


Its easy-to-use tilting mechanism, allows the front loading area to be inclined and a wheelchair can be accessed without effort. We recommend the electric motor if you are going to be driving in hilly terrain, or if the wheelchair user is a lot heavier than the person pedaling.

The wheelchair bike is very maneuverable. The maximum load weight combined is 250 kg, of which is up to 150 kg on the transport surface at the front.

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