We are living in a world where technology is improving our lives, and nowadays it's so easy to find amazing designs of electric tricycles for adults. You may have already seen these zipping through your streets, but our trikes have an extra feature, they fold into the size of a suitcase, making them easy to take on holidays in motorhomes, trains, airplanes, or buses. These bikes come with rechargeable Lion batteries that provide a range of up to 30 kms

You can get to your destination quicker and in a better way compared to the old traditional cycles. In a nutshell, these bikes provide you with energy efficiency, low cost, and emission-free transportation which has health and physical benefits. Enable Cycles based in Ireland provides you with the best electric trike manufacturer, DiBlasi of Italy. There are plenty of benefits of choosing electric trikes. Some are as follows:

Assisted Biking

The electric trikes have what they call the pedal-assist which is battery powered. This is a machine that is present on the bike and it gives your pedaling a boost. This can also help you reduce stress and impact your thighs and knees. Therefore you can say bye to exhausting rides.


Fast And Flexible

The technology gives you the extra oomph that you need to cover the miles without little effort. Therefore get our electric trikes online and have a healthy life.