Di Blasi R32 folding tricycle

DiBlasi Folding Trike

Brand : Di Blasi

Price : € 1,695.00€ 1,595.00


The Di Blasi R32 folding tricycle folds into the size of a suitcase in seconds. Perfect for fitting into a car boot, caravan, motor-home, camper van, boats and small private planes, and many cruise ships.

The folding operation takes just five seconds and three steps and needs no tools, or the need to screw or unscrew any parts. Unfolding for use can be done at the same time with even less effort.

The trike can be adapted for riders with disabilities by fitting with a back support/side rests and or folding pedals with toe clips. We can also fit the brake levers and twistgrip gears to either side or all on one side if someone has limited mobility on one side.


Three models are available


Adults over 160 cm, Standard -: saddle to pedal inside leg 73.5 - 82.5 cm  

14-18 years, Junior - saddle to pedal, inside leg 69 - 73.5 cm  

9-14 years, Cadet - saddle to pedal, inside leg fixed at 64 cm   


Available in graphite grey, blue, or burgundy                         


The price shown, is for the base model, which includes single grip handlebars, and a plain saddle. If you require additional supports, i.e back support, footplates, rearsteer, they can be purchased separately from the accessories section. 


Color :

Size :

  • A robust and lowstep frame, allowing easy access for the elderly and those with reduced mobility
  • Very stabile and safe, thanks to three large 20” wheels
  • 5-speed Shamano derailleur
  • Folding pedals, rear baggage rack, wheels for dragging when folded, front and tail LED lights (All included)
  • Large selection of optional accessories for those with mobility problems: 

The DIBlasi R32 tricycle can be retrofitted with an electric motor, that is powerful and eco-friendly.

It allows effortless pedaling on hilly uphill terrain.

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