Handcycling is a healthy activity for people who use wheelchairs. This helps your exercise and also keeps you active. There are different types of handcycles available in the market. Our company, Enable Cycles Ireland has the best range of hand bikes for people of all abilities. We are based in Dublin Ireland but we supply our products to customers all around the country.

Before you choose a handcycle make sure that you consult your therapist about which type would be the right for you. You should choose the one that you can pedal without straining yourself or causing injury but it still offers enough resistance that it provides a healthy workout.

What Are The Benefits?

Everyone likes to exercise, but doing so can be hard for wheelchair users. This can lead to depression and weight gain. That's why buying a handcycle from our Enable Cycles Ireland is a great idea. Along with burning calories, the exercise that the hand-cycling provides helps in releasing endorphins inside your body. These will help fight depression

Handcycling is a sport that gets you outside. Vitamin D is absorbed in your body from the sun. This helps in regulating your mood and it is one of the best group activities.

Choose us and buy a handcycle today.