Trionic Veloped Sport

Trionic Veloped Sport

Price : € 1,140.00€ 931.38

Veloped Sport 12er 

A great way to exercise for those with mobility issues, and it's a good way to stay in shape and drop a few inches in the waistline.

The Veloped Sport offers you the ultimate in support and safety during outdoor activities. It reduces the pressure on your ankles, knees, hips and back when fitness walking, and it'll make you go far further than your usual pace. With its advantaged technical design you can now enjoy walks in the park, country paths and the even rough hill terrain.


The Veloped Sport is tested and fully approved with CE marking according to the European standard (ISO-11199). 

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The Veloped folds easily in two simple steps. And when folded only half-way, it still rolls when and can easily navigate through narrow doorways etc.

A larger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel. With the 12” activity wheels you’ll can roll easily over obstacles and rough surfaces, and its still offers the extra comfort levels famous on the Trionic rollators

What is a Veloped?

A Swedish invention, developed at the Royal Technical Institute in Sweden.

25 years of experience from bicycle racing, coaching and bicycle design has been put into practise when designing the Veloped.

The Veloped is tested and fully approved as a “rollator”, but its great features differ from most conventional rollators. Its patented climbing wheel, its 3-wheel design and comfortable pneumatic tires work in unison for a totally new walking experience. It can climb curbs, tree roots and other obstacles easily, and turns walking on cobblestones, gravel, grass, snow aa real pleasure, instead of a bumpy and unpleasant venture.

The Veloped is in fact the only true all terrain rollator on the market.


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